Using Forward Slashes or Symbols

Certain symbols like the ; * @ . : / ? # & are skipped during indexing in our database and if a part number you are searching for uses these symbols, you must leave them out in most cases. You must enter the number without dots or forward slashes. Numbers containing dashes “-” and spaces at the end are best removed and replaced with the wildcard symbol “*”.

To search for W962/2 you must type in W9622
To search for BF838-F2 type in BF838*
To search for BT8308-MPG KIT type in BT8308*

Search Operators:

+ for operator AND (also the default)
/ for operator OR
– for operator AND NOT
? for one unknown character in a search string
* wildcard for zero or more unknown characters
” for phrase searches
: for a range

Examples and their meaning:

E3?L to find: E30L, E31L, E32L etc.
CUK4* to find: CUK4054, CUK4062 and all strings starting with CUK4
W940/W962/AF4040 to find: W940, W962 and AF4040
*1246 to find: LAF1246 and all numbers ending in 1246